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As a Modus Match Partner, you'll experience big benfits. Enjoy inclusion of your products in the Modus VR database available to all of our residential and commercial integrators. Be included in more projects, launch new products in the software, have our team join your integrator and client sessions, get co-branded collateral, host webinars, increase the impact of your PR, and more!


Modus VR is taking product specification to a whole new level with their amazing VR technology. The software provides a most effective way for our dealers to pre-model installations and reach concensus about complicated projects quickly.

- Bob Bavolacco, Crestron | NJ

Exclusive Benefits

  • Inclusion of your products in Modus VR database / software for turnkey, real-time space designs
  • Ability to Launch new products with game-changing, live visuals and specifications
  • Ability to have Modus VR team join your Integrator and Customer Sessions
  • Co-branded, collaborative webinar and training on your products within Modus VR
  • Greater exposure and deeper understanding of your products by Integrators and Clients
  • Use of Modus Match logo for marketing on your website, collateral and more
  • Inclusion of your brand on Modus VR Partner website
  • Complete co-marketing services including press release, shows, events, social media, PR opportunities, emails, and in some cases, case studies and blogs
  • Unlimited training and support and in-software support

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    Some of Our Globally-Recognized Modus Match Members

    Globally-Recognized Modus Match Members