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Space Planning From
Boardrooms to Buildings.

Business and AV conferencing technology is complex and Modus VR transforms the entire process. Design and deliver any meeting room, boardroom, flex space, and hybrid work area faster than ever before. Our commercial technology features and partners specifically address the needs of enterprise integrators, designers, architects, and customers. All stakeholders are instantly on the same page and can collaborate to create the ultimate room for teams and productivity.

Design In Real Time

Design in real time, complete with A/V equipment, furniture,
microphones, cameras, and more.

See what the camera sees!

See what the camera sees! The Field-of-View tool enables proper deployment of cameras based on room size, table shapes, and other challenges.

Verify screen pixel pitch

Verify screen pixel pitch, positions of viewers,
and decide how best to set up any conferencing room.


The best and brightest brands including Logitech, Avocor,
Crestron, Salamander Designs, Bose, and many, many more.

Clear Expectations Lead to Happier Clients.

When you use Modus VR with a client, what they see is what they get. With real-time collaboration, misunderstandings, and change orders are eliminated. The right camera, display, mic, and other technology placement is perfected. For the first time, all stakeholders on a project are aligned faster and satisfied with the end results.

Clear Expectations Lead to Happier Clients.
Unlimited Training and Support.

Unlimited Training and Support.

Any issues, anytime - we’ve got your back! A Customer Service Pro is available to train and support your team, and can even join your VR session remotely. We can even help with your first client presentations.


Our enterprise VR solutions are timely, considering most businesses are updating conferencing rooms and supporting hybrid teams. Our design tools for camera field-of-view and screen pixel pitch dramatically improvove overall understanding, efficiency, and efficacy.

- Ken Bruek, Modus VR Co-founder | UT