Products: Modus-as-a-Service

The Magic of Modus VR
- Provided as a Service.

Get the power, speed and functionality of the award-winning Modus VR, Modus Photo, Modus 360 and Modus Docs - brought to you by our team, start to finish. For A/V and technology integrators, consultants, designers and builders wanting the benefits of Modus VR without commitment, this one's for you!

Complete, Immersive Demos.

For business and residential applications, we'll demonstrate all aspects of your project. See things like camera field-of-view, screen sizes, how a golf simulator can fit the room, seat placement, mic pickups, video conferencing participant viewing, and more. We help your clients catch the vision and collapse weeks of revisions into a single session.

Big Benefits, No Subscription.

No VR equipment, or need to start with a client right away? No problem! We offer live design sessions and do all the lifting for you. We'll be in Modus VR while you and your stakeholders join us via Zoom or Teams. You focus on communicating your vision while we take care of the rest.

Big Benefits, No Subscription.
Turnkey Design Deliverables - Done For You.

Turnkey Design Deliverables Can Be Provided.

Within minutes of a design meeting, we can provide project renders, line drawings, dimensions, specs, annotations, 360-degree URLs - as needed.


Trying to align multiple stakeholders is a daunting task, and typically takes multiple meetings to make decisions on room design. With Modus-as-a-Service, I've found we can brainstorm and mitigate additional meetings, and gain alignment in one or two sessions maximum - while team Modus VR does the work!

- Scott Srolis, Salamander Designs I CT

How Does it Fit My Business?

When you have a project that would benefit from rapid visualizations, contact us! We'll create the initial project in Modus VR based on your feedback, host a live design session with you and the client to work through design challenges. By request, we can provide renders, line drawings, and more when it's finished. You'll wonder how you ever did business without it!

How Does it Fit my Business?
Unlimited Training and Support.

Unlimited Training and Support.

Any issues, anytime - we’ve got your back! A Customer Service Pro is available and included with Modus VR, and in-software support is always at hand. Plus, we help you design your first room and we’ll join your first client meeting.