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Instant, Accurate Documentation.

After a live design session in Modus VR, rapidly output accompanying world-class documentation such as line drawings, elevations, and a bill of materials. Got changes? No problem. Produce revisions in seconds, and keep everyone up to date faster than ever.

DIMs and SPECs made easy.

No CAD experience required here. Take your Modus VR project and provide clients complete line drawings, annotations, room dimensions, equipment specifications and more. In addition to customers, these tools are excellent for architects, builders and designers, who are instantly aligned without extra back and forth and expense.

DIMs and SPECs made easy.
Personalized for Every Project and Customer

Personalized for Every Project and Customer.

The beauty of our suite of tools, including the award-winning Modus Docs, is that document customization is a snap. Once a project is created in Modus VR, it takes minutes to generate branded documentation.

It's 3 Steps to Design and Deliver

Step 1

Build, solve and present

Modus VR
Step 2

Create renders and 360s

Modus PhotosModus 360
Step 3

Generate Line Drawings

Modus Docs

Modus VR and Modus Docs have significantly improved our sales process and our conversion ratio has been tremendous! People get it.

- Ankur Bhatt, Sound Sense | India

How Does it Fit My Business?

Modus Docs means you get it all done - right now. Take projects to a whole new level with branded docs for clients and partners. Print a set to send with A/V installers, so they have reference for scale and where things go on jobsite. You'll eliminate extra third-party services, as it's included with Modus VR.

How Does it Fit my Business?
Unlimited Training and Support.

Unlimited Training and Support.

Any issues, anytime - we’ve got your back! A Customer Service Pro is available and included with Modus VR, and in-software support is always at hand. Plus, we help you design your first room and we’ll join your first client meeting.