Modus VR Announces New Presenter Mode, Further Expanding Company’s Immersive Presentation and Remote Design Services

Modus VR Announces New Presenter Mode, Further Expanding Company’s Immersive Presentation and Remote Design Services

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New Presenter Mode Empowers On-Screen Presentations and Non-VR Participants to Join a Live VR Session on Any Meeting Platform from Anywhere

DRAPER, UTAH — March 15, 2023 Modus VR, recognized leader in the practical application of virtual reality software for technology integrators, designers, and architects, today announced a new Presentation Mode for their VR software. Presenter Mode merges the power of Modus VR with the convenience of a video call, providing a seamless way to share a room technology design over any meeting or unified communications platform. The new feature is also optimized for designing and presenting in Modus VR on external displays in front of small to large groups in both the residential and enterprise sectors. With the announcement, the company also announced the addition of new products from seven leading manufacturers to the ever-expanding software and Modus Match Partner Program.

The new Presenter Mode facilitates easy, seamless sharing of Modus VR content. End clients and partners on a project can join a Modus VR design session from anywhere with one click, without wearing a headset. The integrator can review the space proposal over any meeting software, and make changes on the fly, dramatically reducing meeting time and increasing client confidence. All participants can then fully experience the Modus VR immersive room and technology design from the comfort of their own office, home, or wherever they are in the world.

Using Presenter Mode on an external display for small to large audiences is now easier than ever. By leveraging easy to learn in-VR controls such as user-defined presets, a presenter can quickly and confidently share a space and the technology design with the single click of a button in Modus VR. Taking this one step further, an external user can also control the Presenter View using a game controller, creating unique and immersive experiences for audiences, and expanding how manufacturers engage with customers for training and education.

“Modus VR’s Presenter Mode is an absolute game-changer for sharing meeting room designs with our clients,” stated Nick Showler, Principal Consultant for Rapid Circle Australia. “Being able to share a virtual tour of their environment over a MS Teams call has been a huge help in presenting concepts and decision making. The camera view of the room, achieved by flying a virtual drone, is incredibly realistic and immersive. It’s also a lot of fun to fly using VR or Game controllers. The ability to show room layouts, equipment placement, lighting, and furniture in such detail has really helped showcase the value of VR design.”

“Presenter Mode marks another major evolution of our software, as it’s even easier to design and present a room to people wherever they are located,” said Ken Brueck, Co-Founder of Modus VR. “This is the direct result of integrators using our products in today’s hybrid settings, and providing inputs to our development process. Integrators can now present and work on designs without a showroom or going to the client in person. Presenter Mode is a purpose-built solution to allow use of Modus VR to support organizations and people all over the world. Our goal is to help dealers speed up the design process and create more business opportunities with Modus VR.”

Coupled with the Presenter Mode announcement, Modus VR also announces the official addition of the following brands, products and service to the company’s software platform. These Modus Match partner products are now available in Modus VR:

  • Biamp: Parlé Conferencing Bars and Microphones, and Vidi Cameras
  • D-Tools: Design and Estimating Software (Modus VR within D-Tools)
  • Jabra: PanaCast, PanaCast 20, PanaCast 50 Plug and Play Video System
  • Middle Atlantic: Forum Collaboration Suite
  • Q-SYS:  NM Series tabletop network microphone, Axon C1 wall controller, and more
  • Winsted: Vue Workstation Consoles
  • Vaddio: IntelliSHOT Auto-Tracking Conference Camera
  • Yamaha: ADECIA Solution

Integrators can use Presenter Mode themselves, or leverage the recently announced Modus-as-a-Service (MaaS), where the Modus VR team guides the entire project for the integrator and their clients. In both cases, attendees experience the game-changing, real-time ability to look about their entire space, make immediate, informed decisions, and arrive at the best design for their technology project more quickly than by any other method. With Modus VR, gone are days of endless meetings, outdated paper plans and renderings, and waiting weeks to complete residential and commercial designs. Integrators, clients, and stakeholders can reach alignment during a single session and discover issues early in the process before construction begins.

Modus VR Presenter Mode and all new Partner Products are now available for both residential and enterprise customers. With the new feature set, Modus VR is offering expanded license options to accommodate customers small to large. Interested integrators, consultants, and partners can contact Modus VR at

About Modus VR

Modus VR technology empowers designers, architects, A/V integrators and space planners to create and optimize rooms in the most immersive way in real time, virtually placing and presenting all A/V and technology equipment, furniture and other objects. Using Modus VR’s revolutionary software platform, users can create, rearrange, design and finalize layouts at the speed of light with interactive collaboration of all stakeholders. Projects and project management are transformed, as decisions are made in real-time with full visuals instead of anguishing over multiple paper plans, reviews and changes. Modus VR offers a full suite of services including Modus Photo, Modus 360 and Modus Docs. Unlimited support, including remote in-VR support, is included with the platform subscription. Modus VR technology is also available on a non-subscription, Modus-as-a-Service basis, where Modus does all the work for the integrator and stakeholders on a project. Based in Draper, Utah, Modus VR is backed by an expert staff and superior customer service.

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