Modus VR: February 2023 release update!

Release Update – February 2023

Ken Brueck Blog, Release notes

This release comes with an exciting feature we’ve been prototyping for a couple years—Presenter Mode! This feature provides an entirely new way for Modus VR customers to present to their clients, dramatically expanding reach and removing significant barriers to entry.

Presenter Mode

Let clients experience Modus VR without wearing a headset through the use of Presenter Mode! Clients can participate in live design sessions by watching on a big screen in your office or from anywhere in the world through video conferencing tools. Read this post for more!

Updated units

You can now work in inches, inches/feet, meters, centimeters, or millimeters across all Modus applications, including VR. Check out the side menu to see the new interface! You can also set defaults for all new projects in the launcher.

Conference camera updates

Cameras have received some significant updates under the hood. They now support digital pan, tilt, and zoom and auto-flip the picture when placed upside down. In addition to an updated FoV visualization, they also have a lens height indicator for fast validation!

Welcome Jabra!

While the PanaCast Classic has been in Modus for quite some time, it was never a fully functional camera. We’ve been working closely with Jabra for nearly a year to support its powerful 3-camera, 180° field of view. In addition, we’ve added the PanaCast 20 and PanaCast 50. Both the Classic and P50 now accurately recreate Jabra’s unique 180° field of view. Be sure to check it out!

Welcome Yamaha!

We’ve added many of Yamaha’s ADECIA products, including the incredible RM-CG ceiling tile microphone, microphones, and line array speakers. The RM-CG even includes the latest features announced in early 2023, with two focus areas and two exclusion zones. The mic even works correctly in Modus VR, helping you demonstrate how these features help create a better conference experience!


We’ve added even more products from the Q-SYS family including several speakers, the new NM-T1 Tabletop Beamforming Microphone, and the Axon C1 Wall Controller!

Welcome Biamp!

Welcome Biamp! Phase 1 products include Parle conferencing devices, Vidi cameras, and the distinctive Desono C-IC6 MS Teams Certified ceiling speaker!

Welcome Legrand!

We’re excited to introduce Legrand to Modus VR, and to celebrate we’ve included the complete Middle Atlantic Forum Collaboration Suite, along with Vaddio’s IntelliSHOT video conferencing camera.

Welcome Winsted!

Modus is moving into control room design, and to celebrate we’ve added Winsted’s Vue workstation consoles! Now you can rapidly set up mission critical spaces and use our helpful tools, like sight line assistants, to validate designs!

Artnovion Cinema Series

The Cinema Series uses a modular approach to allow acoustic designers to mix and match different styles with different acoustic strategies!

Even more new features!

  • VR: Added a modern industrial style table and a floating glass shelf!
  • VR: Generic flat panel now has optional legs!
  • VR: Material patterns are now randomized on objects with frequently-repeated elements, like cabinet doors, acoustic panels, etc. giving your designs a more natural look!
  • VR: Snapping and increment settings are now saved between each session.
  • VR: Added partner logos for Biamp, D-Tools, Legrand, Yamaha, and Winsted!
  • VR: Updated many Artnovion materials to better reflect current options. We also optimized the Komodo Absorber and Komodo Bass Trap so they’re significantly more performant.
  • VR: Added Logitech Vibe headphones.
  • VR: Added Arthur Holm AH-1 touchscreen.
  • VR: Logitech Rally Mic Pod now has a suspended mounting option.
  • VR: Fixed an issue where floors could revert to the default material and get stuck there.
  • Photo: The image displayed when capturing thumbnails will now fade out after a few seconds; particularly helpful if you’re trying to capture video from Modus Photo.
  • Launcher: Projects can now be saved in a different location than Documents/Modus VR. Contact support for help on setting this up!
  • Launcher: Set the default unit settings for all new projects in Launcher > Settings!
  • Launcher: Click on the Modus version number in the user dropdown to get to your logs quickly!
  • Launcher: We’ve added the ability to push updates to individual objects without a full release, opening the door to faster bug fixes and feature enhancements in the future!

Bug Fixes

  • VR: Modus VR would load to a black screen in some cases, especially during multi-user sessions.
  • VR: The preview image shown while saving a space would sometimes persist over menus.
  • VR: Commercial window looked strange during move or resize.
  • VR: Commercial door and glass objects change size slightly when the resize handle is grabbed.
  • VR: Nudges inconsistently captured in the undo stack.
  • VR: Risers can flicker back and forth during move when near an object dividing the room in half.
  • VR: Shure MXA-310 properties UI breaks if options are selected in a certain order.
  • VR: Shaker door with minimal trim is the wrong size when loading a space.
  • VR: Plant portion of plants shouldn’t block teleport.
  • VR: Barco Unisee was missing bezels around each display.
  • VR: Salamander Unifi’s properties panel could get out of sync with the object itself.
  • VR: Strange sequence could get a multi-gang Control4 keypad to erroneously return to a single gang.
  • VR: Incorrect lighting on external mesh objects.
  • VR: External mesh resizing isn’t included in undo stack.
  • VR/Docs: Axis movement of objects attached to other objects breaks the undo stack.
  • Docs: Commercial windows rendered with extra lines in line drawings.
  • Docs: Cocktail table didn’t render in line drawings.
  • Docs: Measurement lines sometimes shift on their own.
  • Photo: Can’t capture images or generate 360s in a multi-user session if someone else loads a space file.
  • Floorplan editor: Sometimes you can’t create thicker walls than the default size.
  • Other various fixes and enhancements.