Release Update – December 2021

Ken BrueckBlog

With our fifth and final release of 2021, we are excited to announce our official partner program, otherwise known as “Modus Match”. Manufacturers particing in Modus Match include AVTeq, Crestron, Huddly, Lenovo, Logitech, Poly, and Salamander Designs. Read more in our Modus Match Press Release.

This release features a boatload of new products from Crestron, Lenovo, Salamander Designs, and others. We also have an exciting new user interface that will expand the possibilities of advanced seating configurations, you can learn more about it here.

New: Seating UI

We’ve updated the seating UI to allow for more complex configurations. The Salamander Olivia is the best example of what this new workflow can accomplish, finally allowing corners and chaise lounges!

New: Crestron Electronics

Welcome Crestron! We’ve added 20+ residential and commercial products, including touch panels, room availability signs, cameras, microphones, keypads, thermostats and more!

New: Lenovo

Welcome Lenovo! Including the ThinkSmart lineup and Google Meet Series One, Lenovo brings 10+ new commercial objects to the library.

New: Salamander Designs

We’ve added four of Salamanders’ most popular seats to Modus VR: Alex, Matteo, Talia, and Olivia.

New: Huddly

Another new kid on the Modus block, we’ve added the Huddly IQ, L1, and Canvas Whiteboard Camera to Modus VR.

New: Logitech

Back by popular demand, we’ve added Tap Scheduler and updated the Tap Controller to include a white colorway.

New: Coalesse Potrero 415

These versatile styles of modern/minimalist tables are now available in both Work-Height (28.5”) and Standing-Height (40”).

New: HP Reverb G2

We added official support for HP’s latest headset. Let us know if you’re interested in using the Reverb G2 and we can help make sure it meets your needs.

Secondary Features

  • Focal Studio Monitors: Added the Focal Trio6 BE and Solo6 Be studio monitors!
  • Generic Cushion: A resizable seating cushion that allows all fabric and leather materials to be applied.
  • Crestron Mercury now supports multiple software UIs.
  • CinemaTech Valentino now has a double arm option.


  • VR: Corrected a spelling error on the sprinkler.
  • VR: Fix issue where the Chief pullout rack couldn’t be moved after it was opened.
  • VR: Renamed the Crestron UC-B160-T to UC-SB1-CAM
  • VR: Fixed cases where legacy projects placed the UC-SB1-CAM a few inches off the wall
  • VR: Fixed the drop ceiling tiles material not supporting color swatches.
  • VR: Fixed the water wall’s splashes being visible with the lights off.
  • Docs: Fixed the Barco XT Series video walls looking strange in line drawings.