Release Update – June 2021

Ken Brueck Blog

This update represents our second themed release, this time focusing on theaters, game rooms, and automation control! To support this theme we’ve added new brands, added dozens of new objects, and refreshed some older ones to make them even more flexible. We’ve also added more staging objects for filling out your designs to make them more realistic.

Keep reading for all that’s new!

New: Initial positioning

The logic that determines your location after loading a space has been significantly upgraded. You can now choose where you start via the save menu! Also, other VR participants are much less likely to be positioned in another room or inside objects like risers.


New: Games and snacks

Paint a better picture of your entertainment spaces with the new pinball machine, arcade cabinet, shuffleboard table, poker table, and air hockey table! Fill out your cabinet space with the new popcorn maker and fountain drink machine.


New: Control 4

We’ve added the new T4 Touchscreen, as well as a versatile dimmer object that can be used to show single and multi-gang configurations!



We’ve added the Micro and Nano under Electronics > Controllers. Be sure to enable the mic in the properties tab to see it light up when people speak!


New: Google

Welcome Google! We’ve added the Nest thermostat with a functioning proximity sensor, so it only lights up when you’re nearby!


New: Speakers

Welcome Meridian Audio and Wisdom Audio! We’ve added the Meridian DSP-8000 and made it available in any color. For Wisdom Audio, we’ve added the floor-standing and wall-mounted versions of both the LS3 and LS4


New: Projectors

We’ve added the Njord from Barco and VPL-GTZ380 from Sony! Barco’s existing projectors have been updated to match the latest specs.


New: Art and posters

We’ve added more options for both the movie poster and art objects, and both can now be backlit! Movie posters can now be resized, too.  Thanks to our friend Allen Zentgraf for providing some of the amazing new art in this release!


New: Logitech

We’ve added the Rally Bar Mini, Swytch, and Scribe. The Scribe is a best-in-class product for sharing whiteboard content and even has a visualization to help properly line it up with a 6’x4’ whiteboard.


New: Additional items

Addressing several customer requests, we’ve added a sliding door, a cocktail table, analog clocks, a storage bench, a wiring panel, a bookshelf with books, and a standalone book object you can stretch to any size.


Secondary Features

  • Updated the video library with newer movie trailers and video game footage!
  • Speaker coverage can now be asymmetrical.
  • The outlet has been modernized and now supports multi-gang configurations.


  • Photo: Conference camera preview sometimes clipped through nearby surfaces
  • Photo: Fixed an issue causing timecodes to present the wrong value in certain situations.
  • VR: Fixed an issue where projectors would sometimes have the wrong position on space load.
  • VR: The whiteboard no longer sits into the wall an extra centimeter.
  • VR: The World and U.S. map artwork no longer gets aliased at distances.