Release Update – March 13, 2018

Riley PeartBlog

In this release we introduce resizing to a snap grid and add more models to our library.

In earlier versions of Modus resizing an item to a precise dimension was a difficult task. Now with incremental resizing, this becomes much easier and more time can be spent designing and creating spaces with your clients.

New Features:

  • Resizing can now snap to a grid! Pull up the side menu to enable snap increments of 1″, 6″ and 12″ when using imperial units, and 5cm, 20cm and 100cm when using metric units.

  • Added a smaller Sony projector modeled after the VPL-VW series.

  • Projectors now have a built-in adjustable height ceiling mount. Simply resize the projector vertically to adjust the mount’s height.

  • Added a versatile lamp. It can be resized to be a desk lamp or a floor standing lamp.


  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented the laser from reaching menu items.